Do no harm: 5 things to consider before hospitalizing or operating on pre-terminal and advanced elderly patients

As a physician, time and time again I have heard from my peers that prognostication is difficult and unreliable. But perhaps it is more accurate to say that as physicians, we just aren’t good at it any more. Prognostic education all but disappeared in the 1980s1)Christakis, NA, “The Ellipsis of Prognosis in Modern Medical Thought”. […]

Webinar | Feb. 11, 2015 | How Public Policy is Shaping Palliative Care

Never before has interest in palliative care been so great! Even public policy makers are jumping onto the band wagon. There’s a lot in the works, including new statutes, pending legislation and regulations. Tune in to “The Changing Landscape” for an in-depth look at bills and regulations impacting palliative care in California, and find out what […]

Office hours confirmed for 7th Annual palliative care Summit

Last year, “office hours”—the chance to meet face-to-face with experts in the fields of palliative medicine and end-of-life care—was voted one of the most helpful components of the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California Annual Summit. That’s why I’m excited to announce we just posted all confirmed office hours for the Summit in 2015! Check out the […]

Thinking Ahead Matters: Coalition for Compassionate Care of California releases white paper on conservatorship and supported decision-making for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

In a new white paper, “Thinking Ahead Matters: Supporting and improving healthcare decision-making and end-of-life planning for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California (CCCC), in partnership with Mildred Consulting, has undertaken an effort to understand more about the conservatorship of people with developmental disabilities, with the aim of fostering […]

January 2015: California policy update on palliative care and POLST

Proposed legislation: CCCC sponsoring POLST registry legislation On December 1, 2014, California Senator Lois Wolk introduced Senate Bill 19, a bill that would require the California Health and Human Services Agency to establish and operate a statewide registry system, to be known as the California POLST Registry, for the purpose of increasing access to completed […]

Medi-Cal working to provide access to palliative care for adults thanks to SB 1004

On January 1, 2015, an important law impacting access to palliative care in California went into effect. Senate Bill 1004 (Hernandez) requires Medi-Cal to issue guidance on the medical conditions and prognoses that make a beneficiary eligible for palliative care, and provide technical assistance to Medi-Cal managed care plans to ensure the delivery of palliative […]

2015 Value Snapshots on advance care planning, palliative care and hospice

Kick off the New Year by making it easy for everyone in your health system to understand the benefits of advance care planning, palliative care and hospice. Value Snapshots are brief, easy-to-digest, two-page summaries developed by palliative care researcher Kathleen Kerr and the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California, and are designed to introduce the benefits […]

Surveyors to give advance directives a closer look in nursing homes

Surveyors will be looking more closely at how skilled nursing facilities deal with advance directives, including how they educate, inform and assist residents in exercising their right to accept or refuse medical or surgical treatment and formulate an advance directive. On Nov. 26, 2014, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid released an update to the […]

POLST cover sheets answer consumer questions at RCFEs and SNFs

In response to increasing concerns regarding how POLST is being administered in some assisted living communities and skilled-nursing facilities, the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California partnered with the California Association of Health Facilities (CAHF) and California Assisted Living Association (CALA) to develop provider-specific one-page POLST cover sheets entitled Key Facts about POLST for Residents […]

A Holiday Gift: Peace of Mind

By Sandra Hernandez, President & CEO of the California HealthCare Foundation. The following post is re-blogged with permission. Like many of you, I will spend this holiday season with family and friends celebrating the year’s blessings and remembering loved ones who are no longer here. It is also the time of year, when my family […]