Advance Care Planning Integration Services

Consulting services for healthcare providers.

Our advance care planning (ACP) consulting service works with healthcare organizations to design effective, yet cost-efficient customized ACP solutions that result in a quality experience for both patients and healthcare teams.

“One size” does not fit most: Our expert consultants provide you with the solution and support you need for ACP integration, whether your organization is large or small, urban or rural, for-profit or non-profit—and will tailor the program to meet the cultural needs of your organization and the population you serve.

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Lead Staff

Consulting Services

Program Design
We understand that Advance Care Planning is an ongoing process. We will help you assess your workflow and create a plan to integrate ACP into your daily operations so that you can engage patients and their families at critical points of care.

If your system already has an ACP program in place, we can provide evaluation and assessment, and make recommendations for improvement.

Program Implementation
We work with you to implement the right ACP solution for your organization and population. We can provide mentoring, additional education or training, as well as ongoing evaluation and assessment to capture feedback and help make your program more effective.
ACP initiatives require materials and resources to teach, guide and document conversations about ACP and goals of care.

We have the tools and resources to meet your needs. Our proven materials are ready to use, vetted for literacy levels, and have been demonstrated to be effective. We also offer a variety of translation options.

If you prefer, customized materials can be created to address the specific needs of your organization, staff composition or patient population.

Training & Education
Our consulting service provides expert level training in either direct-to-staff or train-the-trainer format. Following training, your clinicians will be able to provide high-quality advance care planning. Having trainers within your organization will make your program self-sustaining.

If ACP training is already operational in your organization, our team can help you evaluate your current processes, and refine and improve your training with fresh tools and new curriculum.

This consulting service is a national program of the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Sacramento, California.