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By Judy Thomas, JD, Executive Director

It's time to start talkingIt’s time we all started talking about our wishes for end-of-life care.

However, not everyone is as comfortable talking about death and dying as Joan Rivers was.

We know how Joan Rivers felt because she talked about the importance of discussing these issues in a public service announcement. As a result, her daughter Melissa could feel comfortable knowing that she was doing what her mother wanted when she made the decision to take her mother off of life support.

Loved ones can only feel comfortable making decisions like these if the patient let their goals and values be known ahead of time.

There are many barriers to discussing serious illness, dying and grief, and CCCC is working to change this. Our goal is to make sure people talk with their loved ones about the kind of care they want — before a crisis occurs — and record these wishes in writing.

Conversations about care at the end of life should not be taboo — they should be an important part of our lives! With your support, we can make this happen.


In 2014 — thanks to support from our donors — CCCC launched an initiative focused on getting people to talk about end-of-life planning. Through this initiative, we are:

  • Building a grassroots movement to engage Californians in exploring and expressing their wishes for care toward the end of their lives,
  • Working with community coalitions around the state, and
  • Educating Californians about the importance of completing advance directives.

Contributions to CCCC allow us to expand and strengthen our work and chip away at the barriers to having conversations about death and dying.

When you support CCCC with a gift, we can impact the way people think and talk about death and dying.


Your support makes a difference.

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