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Ask Gov. Brown to sign AB 637!Good news! AB 637 (Campos) passed out of the Senate with a vote of 36 to 2. This bill will allow California nurse practitioners and physician assistants acting under the supervision of a physician, and within their scope of practice, to sign a POLST form.

The Governor has 14 days after the bill reaches his desk to sign or veto the bill. If this bill is signed by Gov. Brown, seriously ill Californians will have more opportunities to have their POLST signed and validated, increasing POLST use, and ensuring treatment preferences are honored at the end of life.

Eliminate unnecessary delays in POLST implementation!

Urge Gov. Brown to sign AB 637.

1. Call the Governor’s office at (916) 445-2841. Tell the Governor you support AB 637 (Campos): “Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment forms,” and ask him to sign the bill when it reaches his desk. Here are some talking points:

  • The POLST helps ensure people who are seriously ill get the treatments they want, and avoid those they don’t want, at the end of life.
  • AB 637 will help prevent unnecessary delays in POLST implementation, particularly in rural areas and settings such as nursing homes, where physicians may be less accessible.
  • Sixteen other states already allow nurse practitioners and physician assistants to sign the POLST, and no problems have been reported.

2. Send the Governor an email using this form.

  • In the box for “Please choose your subject” pick “OTHER”
  • Click “Continue”
  • Use the form on the next page to write a letter in support of AB 637.
  • At a loss for words? Download a draft message and customize it to fit your story. (Click here to download a draft letter.)

3. Send a copy of your email to the bill’s author, Assembly Member Nora Campos, via fax at (916) 319-2127, or email at

Read the full bill language here.

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