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Accomplishments by the Numbers in 2015

2015 was a whirlwind year for the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California, and thanks to support from our members… we were able to get a lot of things done!

If we tried to capture all of our accomplishments in one web page you’d have to do a lot of reading. Instead, we put together this handy list of highlights.

CCCC members are a big part of what makes this all possible. Sign up as a CCCC member in 2016!

Accomplishments in 2015, by the Numbers

Number Accomplishment
466 Valued members of the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California
2 Bills sponsored in the State Legislature: SB 19 (establishes pilot project to create an electronic POLST registry) and AB 637 (allows NPs and PAs to sign POLST forms in 2016)
2 Bills signed into law!
250,000+ POLST forms ordered through Med-Pass (and countless more downloaded from
1 New area of focus: pediatric palliative care
320+ Attendees at the Annual Summit
27 POLST and advance care planning coalitions throughout the state
1 Fantastic accolade for the work of CCCC’s new consulting service
86 Percentage of your generous contributions that are spent on CCCC program activities
0 Percentage of CCCC’s operating budget that comes from the State of California
9 In-depth reports and resources produced in 2015, including Dying in California, Thinking Ahead Matters, Value Snapshots, Snapshots of Palliative Care Practices, and CARE Recommendations 2015
1,252 Palliative care webinar attendees
7 Stakeholder meetings and policy discussions held with the Department of HealthCare Services on Medi-Cal’s implementation of palliative care (SB 1004)
1 New language added to Decision Guides series (Vietnamese)
142 Healthcare professionals trained in advance care planning, or POLST or cultural congruency
5 New staff members added
109 People who shared why “Advance care planning is important” on Facebook at the CCCC Annual Summit
71 Posts to the CCCC Blog, including 1 awesome blog post about a physician and his palliative care dogs

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