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BJ Miller, MD, announced as general session speaker at 9th annual palliative care summit

The Coalition for Compassionate Care of California is excited to reveal that BJ Miller, MD, is speaking in a general session at our 9th annual palliative care summit in Sacramento, CA, on March 13-14, 2017.

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Dr. BJ Miller is a hospice and palliative medicine physician who powerfully advocates for the roles of our senses, community and presence in palliative care, as informed by his own unique experience as a patient.

His 2015 TED Talk, “What Really Matters at the End of Life”—a reflection of his vision to make empathic palliative care available to all—ranks among the Top 15 Most Viewed Talks of 2015. He continues to speak internationally on the topics of perspective making, aesthetics, and palliative care.

Dr. Miller brings a unique blend of training, experience and commitment to furthering the message that suffering and dying are fundamental and intrinsic aspects of life. He is widely recognized for his efforts in cultivating a larger dialogue about this universal human experience.

Read more about Dr. BJ Miller and watch his TED Talk…

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