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Support PCHETACoalition for Compassionate Care of California (CCCC) is joining with other palliative care leaders in a final year-end push to move the federal Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act forward in the legislative process (PCHETA, HR 3119).

If passed, PCHETA would:

  • Expand the availability of palliative care services to patients by educating the public and providers about palliative care,
  • Expand the federal research investment in palliative care, and
  • Expand workforce training and development opportunities to increase the number of doctors, nurses, social workers and other health professionals trained in palliative care.

PCHETA advocacy efforts are being coordinated by the federal Patient Quality of Life Coalition (PQLC), of which CCCC is an active member. PQLC works to educate federal legislators about the importance of palliative care and encourages support for legislation that provides patients greater access to palliative care services.

Between now and Nov. 14, CCCC will be emailing California House of Delegates representatives who are cosponsors of the PCHETA bill to encourage them to speak with the Energy & Commerce Committee leadership to apply pressure for a mark-up on the bill.

In addition, CCCC will be participating in PQLC’s November 14 Online Day of Action, using Twitter and Facebook to ask House Energy & Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton and Ranking Member Frank Pallone to hold a mark-up on the PCHETA bill.

Join us! Take action now to support PCHETA using the AAHPM Legislative Action Center.

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