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This year, National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD) will actually be a full week dedicated to helping Americans start conversations about advance care planning.

The theme for the year is “It always seems to early, until it’s too late.” The Coalition for Compassionate Care of California will be working with our partners and members to get the word out to Californians based on the week-long schedule recommended by NHDD. Here’s a quick glance at the week:

Sunday, April 16 Prepare – A day to get resources together
Monday, April 17 Start with Yourself – A day to think about your own healthcare decisions
Tuesday, April 18 Family/Friends/Loved Ones – A day to discuss your wishes with others (and learn their wishes)
Wednesday, April 19 Spread the Word – A day to tell others that you’ve engaged in advance care planning and encourage them to do the same
Thursday, April 20 Facilities Focus – A day for healthcare providers of all sorts to promote advance care planning
Friday,   April 21 Professionals Preparedness – A day to ensure that all professionals (healthcare, clergy, legal, and others) understand and can promote advance care planning
Saturday, April 22 Reflection and Readiness – Consider what worked well for NHDD week and file/share your advance care plans so they will be available if needed

Want to get involved? There are lots of ways for individuals and organizations to take advantage of the nation-wide initiative and get people talking. Here are a few ideas:

Are you or your organization participating? We’d love to hear about it. Tag us in the post or tweet us!

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