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For Partnership HealthPlan of California (PHC), its commitment to helping members through advance care planning (ACP) conversations and documents isn’t enough. In addition to highlighting the importance of ACP for its members, the health plan does the same for its staff.

Recently, the CCCC consulting team led five trainings for PHC to promote advance care planning among health centers in it its network and for all PHC staff. Using variations of the CCCC “Let’s Talk” training, PHC enabled providers, nurses, social workers, and other health center staff to build the skills they need to have effective ACP conversations. These trainings aligned with a PHC initiative incentivizing primary care providers to have ACP conversations with PHC members and to complete an Advance Directive (AD) or Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) form. (Read more about PHC’s advance care planning and palliative care initiative, “Offering and Honoring Choices.”)

Since PHC is committed to having a high percentage of their own staff complete an advance directive, one of the five trainings we provided was specifically for PHC ACP champions. The staff members who attended this training led by CCCC have served as advocates for advance care planning and peer consultants to help their co-workers understand and complete an Advance Directive.

Dr. Robert Moore, the PHC Chief Medical Officer, stated, “We were pleased at the participants’ high level of satisfaction for all five trainings. A nurse who attended the training in Eureka shared that it was one of the best trainings she had attended in 31 years of nursing.”

CCCC admires PHC’s commitment to their mission statement and the holistic efforts to ensure that their members AND staff understand the importance of advance directives. They are truly walking the walk when it comes to ACP by providing the tools, resources, and incentives necessary to encourage participation within the organization and the communities that PHC serves.

Find out how the consulting team at CCCC can support similar efforts in your organization with customized training. Contact us today!

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