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Currently, the Senate is considering a health care bill that puts Medi-Cal, and other state Medicaid programs, at risk. Nearly half of California’s children are covered by Medi-Cal which means that over 5 million kids are in danger of losing coverage.

That’s why we’re asking you to join Dr. Chris Feudtner and the Hospice and Palliative Medicine section of the American Academy of Pediatrics for two days of advocacy for children on June 15th and 22nd. Below is Dr. Feudtner’s call to action:


As the Chair of our Section of Hospice and Palliative Medicine of the American Academy of Pediatrics, I have been asked to reach out to all of you and encourage you to engage in two Days of Action to advocate for children and protect Medicaid on June 15th and June 22nd.

This message is for anyone and everyone who cares about children, their health and well-being.

As you likely know, the Senate is considering a health care bill as we speak that could be introduced any day and passed by the fourth of July recess. Since the process has not been transparent, we don’t yet know the final bill they’re proposing, but what we do know is that Medicaid is at risk, and now is the time to speak out.

Please join me in these two days of action to call your U.S. Senators and urge them to vote “no” on any proposal that cuts or caps Medicaid funding in any way. Doing so would jeopardize the way the program works now to effectively cover 37 million children, and would leave children and families worse off.

Two days of concentrated “turn up the volume” about the negative impact of Medicaid reform on children by healthcare professionals, parents, and any and all advocates for children is likely to be politically more effective.

So, please do this. Do it yourself. Get 10 of your family and friends to do this. Get people you don’t even like much to do this. Get anyone you know to do this. If you know someone in a state where their Senators might vote for this bill, get them to do this. If you once lived in such a state and still have any connection to that state, do this.

Here is a list of all Senate phone numbers and below is a sample script. Start with the senators’ DC office and if you can’t get through, try the district office closest to where you live. If you have time, ask for a local meeting in the state. If you don’t have time to meet, say the following when you call:

  • Hello. I am pediatrician from {your state} and a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics. I am calling today to urge {Senator’s name} to oppose any funding cuts or caps to Medicaid in your health care bill.
  • Medicaid covers children from low-income families and children with special health care needs. It’s a lifeline program for {insert number of children on Medicaid from your state fact sheet} in our state.
  • I am deeply concerned with any proposal to cut or cap federal funding for Medicaid in any way. Doing so would shift costs to states, likely leading to enrollment and benefit cuts, and leaving children worse off.
  • Insert brief anecdote if you have one of a patient on Medicaid who would be impacted
  • Through Medicaid, children are guaranteed benefits that cover a comprehensive array of medically necessary services, including developmental, vision and hearing screenings. Pediatricians recommend these services because they help diagnose, treat and prevent complex conditions right away, saving money and lives. Capping Medicaid funding means these services could be rolled back or eliminated altogether.
  • In addition, Medicaid expansion allowed many previously uninsured parents to gain coverage, making them better able to care for their children. Any efforts to cap Medicaid funding or phase out Medicaid expansion would be devastating to children and their families.
  • Please protect children’s health care coverage and oppose any funding cuts or caps to Medicaid in any health care bill you consider.
  • Thank you for all you do for children.

In addition, here are some sample social media posts for you to consider sending out on June 15th and June 22nd using #DontCapMyCare (and #KeepKidsCovered).

Handles for all U.S. Senators

Sample messages:

  • .@SenatorTwitterHandle: Medicaid gives {Your state abbreviation} kids a better chance for a healthy future. #DontCapMyCare
  • @SenatorTwitterHandle: I’m a pediatrician & my patients have one message: #DontCapMyCare. Keep Medicaid strong & #KeepKidsCovered!
  • Medicaid matters for children. @SenatorTwitterHandle #DontCapMyCare. Protect Medicaid in your health care bill.

Kids need this. Their parents need this. So – please – do this.

/ peace, chris

Chris Feudtner, MD PhD MPH
Chair, Section of Hospice and Palliative Medicine
The American Academy of Pediatrics”

Please consider adding your voice to add pressure to our lawmakers to consider those who need this help. Thanks in advance!

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