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Dianne GrayWe are thrilled to welcome Dianne Gray as a general session speaker at this year’s annual palliative care Summit held on April 10-11th in Anaheim. This year’s theme is Better Together: Forging a New Path to Palliative Care. The programming of the Summit will help us focus our discussion and advocacy on growing palliative care in our various fields. Dianne will be joining us to deliver her talk: “Together We Can Do Anything… How Visionary Partnerships Can Shift the Paradigm of Care.”

Dianne Gray is an author, advocate, and force of nature as a grief and end-of-life care expert. She’s a global keynote speaker, author of hundreds of articles and textbook chapters, TV/radio host and guest. She also serves as President of the Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Foundation. She’s been the single parent/caregiver for a child diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disorder, and has since dedicated her life to improving care for all adults and children facing serious illness.

Dianne would like you to think differently about your tribe–those who make up your overall palliative care community. Why? Because as she puts it, “the need for palliative care will soon out-pace the resources available. Simply put, we don’t need to ask palliative care teams to work harder. We need to help them work smarter… and one way to do this is through creating enhanced communities of care.”

Dianne, a former 12-year caregiver who now is a 25-year hospice and palliative care journalist, researcher and global advocate, shares the most up-to-date outside the box resources. Along with research and technology that will help not only patients and family members but you too, as you strive to meet the needs inherent in the provision of quality palliative care. Together we can do anything, especially if we expand our scope of vision as to what constitutes our internal and external tribe, as well as our palliative care community.

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