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The CCCC organized its annual POLST Train-the-Trainer: It Starts with a Conversation workshop on August 15, and 16, 2018, held at the San Diego County Medical Society.

With twenty-eight people in attendance, the workshop proved to be a grand success!

Here is what our attendees had to say:

“This was the best and most professionally prepared training I’ve been to in years. Kudos to all!”

“I’m so impressed with the organization and, in particular, with the two instructors. They know the material so well…It doesn’t get any better than that!”

“I was very pleased with the course, feeling comfortable enough to ask questions and appreciative of the thoughtful and organized way in which the material was laid out.”

Practice. Practice. Practice! Part of this two day intensive included role playing as it is important to practice those tough conversations regarding the patients’ wishes. #POLST


Using the standardized California POLST curriculum, and presented in a train-the-trainer format, the program guided participants through the POLST form and uses role-playing exercises to model the complex scenarios that arise during end-of-life care discussions. Holding quality conversations about care at the end of life can be difficult for anyone, and this is especially true for healthcare providers who need to talk with seriously ill patients and their loved ones about treatment options near the end of life.


Go Wish card game. What’s really important to you?


A heartfelt thank you to the instructors and to all of the participants who attended the workshop.

Stay tuned for upcoming POLST Train-the-Trainer: It Starts with a Conversation workshops to be announced soon for 2019!

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