About Us


We envision a future where people can live their best lives possible during serious illness.


Our mission is to make conversations about serious illness a part of everyday life and palliative care a part of everyday health care.

Our Approach

The Coalition for Compassionate Care of California (CCCC) works to promote high-quality care for those who are seriously ill or nearing the end of life. Creating this change is bigger than any one individual or organization can achieve on their own. It requires systems change.


We work to change systems through:

  • Public Policy Educating policymakers and advocating for policy changes.
  • Healthcare Systems Developing, testing, supporting and standardizing more effective
    models for healthcare delivery and payment.
  • Professionals Educating professionals and empowering them through better skills.
  • Public Educating and engaging people and those who care for them.

Current & Recent Projects

  • Public Policy
    • Funding for a statewide electronic registry for POLST
    • Legislation to bring advance care planning (ACP) into the electronic age
    • Leadership related to California's Master Plan on Aging
  • Healthcare Systems
    • Standards for home-based palliative care
    • Learning community to increase access to Medi-Cal palliative care
    • Standards for palliative care and ACP in nursing homes
    • Assisting organizations with implementation of ACP systems
  • Healthcare Professionals
    • Education and skill building on ACP, POLST, and cultural sensitivity
    • Materials to support conversations with patients
  • Public Engagement
    • Actively promote palliative care and ACP through social media
    • Support local coalitions promoting ACP in their local communities
    • Groom patient leaders to be spokespersons on palliative care
    • Tools to support persons with developmental disabilities, as well as those with mental health issues, in engaging in ACP


Collaboration | Innovation | Self-Determination | Compassion | Authenticity


"We need a coalition, a movement, a critical mass. We need to work together so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We need to come together to develop resources for policy and communication. We need to improve our communication–to patients and families, health care providers, government, and the public."

–Victor J. Dzau, President, National Academy of Medicine (NAM), in remarks at the NAM meeting on Assessing Progress in End-of-Life and Serious Illness Care