Conversation Tools

Conversation Guide

Conversation Guide

This guide offers suggestions on how to raise the issue, responses to concerns your loved one might express and questions to ask.

Finding Your Way: Medical Decisions When They Count Most

For those who are starting the advance care planning process or considering whether to initiate or withdraw life-sustaining treatment. This brochure is available in English and Spanish. Order in bulk from CCCC’s online store.

Facing Serious Illness: Making Your Wishes Known

This brochure is a guide to POLST - Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment. POLST is a medical order on bright pink paper that clearly states what kind of medical treatment patients want toward the end of their lives. This brochure is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. Order in bulk from CCCC’s online store.

Conversation Tools

Helpful Phrases for Having the POLST Conversation / Frases útiles para usar en las conversaciones sobre POLST

This guide walks healthcare providers through the most commonly used phrases in walking a patient and family through conversations about the Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment form (POLST). The guide includes phrases and questions in English and Spanish.

Group Discussions

Talking it Over

Talking it Over is a guide to facilitating discussion among informal groups – such as congregations, community organizations, classes or senior groups – to explore personal views about end-of-life care. Though this discussion guide can be used by experienced facilitators and healthcare professionals, it is designed and written so that anyone can use it.

The Conversation Project Starter Kit

This toolkit offered through The Conversation Project includes resources and tips for getting your thoughts together before having the conversation.