Facts and Figures

Value Snapshots (2015)

Value Snapshots are brief, easy-to-digest, two-page summaries designed to introduce the benefits of advance care planning, palliative care or hospice to administrative leaders, non-palliative care specialists, or other healthcare system stakeholders.

  • Value Snapshots for Advance Care Planning (PDF)
  • Value Snapshots for Home-Based Palliative Care (PDF)
  • Value Snapshots for Hospice Care (PDF)
  • Value Snapshots for Inpatient Palliative Care (PDF)
  • Value Snapshots for Palliative Care Clinics (PDF)

Value Snapshots were researched by Kathleen Kerr of Kerr Healthcare Analytics, and were developed with support from the California Health Care Foundation.

End Of Life And Palliative Care In California

Learn more about the facts and figures related to palliative medicine and end-of-life care both in the state and nationally.