COVID Conversations

These tools and resources can help you start a conversation about care during serious illness and respond to questions regarding treatment options.

Healthcare Decision Aids

CCCC’s Decision Aids explain the complex topics of life-sustaining treatments using consumer-friendly language with neutral, evidence-based information. Topics include Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Ventilator, Artificial Hydration, and Tube Feeding. Available in multiple languages. Contact CCCC to purchase printed copies in packs of 25.

Video: Is a Ventilator Right for You?

CCCC has produced a short, consumer-friendly video on ventilator use which can be shared along with the Ventilator Decision Aid. (YouTube)

Pediatric Decision Aids

During the COVID crisis, CCCC is also making free digital versions of our popular Pediatric Decision Aids available to download and share with consumers. These Decision Aids are designed to be used with pediatric patients and their families. Contact CCCC to purchase printed copies in packs of 25.

COVID-19-Specific Conversation Tools