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TITLE: Effects of Home Based Palliative Care on Measurements in Oncology Care Model Program

The Oncology Care Model (OCM) is an episode-based payment model developed by the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMMS) in order to improve the quality of care cancer patients receive at the same or lower cost.  In order to address the individual and societal burdens of cancer in the U.S., the OCM was introduced as a five-year model (2016 – 2021) in order to test payment strategies designed to produce higher quality care, lower costs, and better outcomes.   175 practices across the U.S are participating in this model of payment.  The practice that participates must provide “enhanced services” and collect data looking at 12 quality measures of which performance-based payments are calculated.  Many of the quality measures,  hospital admissions over 6 month episode, ER visits over 6 month episode, proportion of patients who were admitted to hospice for 3 days or more and Pain assessment can be enhanced by support from a Palliative Care program

Since 2016 Snowline Supportive Care, a home based palliative care program with a full complement of an IDT in Sacramento, El Dorado and Placer County,  has worked closely with Sierra Hematology Oncology, who is participating in the OCM, to support their patients.  Through the team based approach to care with early goals of care conversations , assistance with completion of advanced directives, action plans to avoid the ER and hospitalizations, 24/7 access to nursing care,   results showed reductions in ICU and inpatient admission,  reduction in chemotherapy in the last 14 days of life and transition to hospice care earlier than programs that did not have access to home based palliative care.   With assistance through this relationship the Oncology practice who was participating in OCM  was able to place 4th out of 176 programs in measurements to improve the quality of care for their patients.

This poster will discuss both programs and the outcomes achieved when Oncology and Home based Palliative care work together.

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