The following is a list of pending policies and legislation that the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California is currently engaged in or following during the 2021 legislative session:

California Bills

AB 1234 – Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment forms: Registry
Author: Assembly Member, Dr. Arambula
Description: Would require the California Health and Human Services Agency (CHHA) to create a statewide electronic POLST registry system and promulgate necessary regulations and timelines for implementation. The bill would also clarify in state law that (1) an electronic POLST form and communication have the same legal standing as a paper hardcopy POLST, and (2) electronic signatures can be used for the purposes of creating an advance health care directive and POLST form.
CCCC Position: Sponsor

SB 353 | Hospice: services to seriously ill patients
Author: Senator Richard Roth
Description: Would extend SB 294 to January 1, 2025. SB 294 (2017) authorizes a licensed hospice to provide palliative care services concurrently with curative treatment to a person who does not have a terminal prognosis or who has not elected to receive hospice services only by licensed and certified hospices.
CCCC position: Co-sponsor with CHAPCA

SB 380 | End of Life
Author: Senator Susan Eggman
Description: Would make significant amendments to the End of Life Option Act.
CCCC Position: No Position

Federal Bills

H.R. 647 – Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act (PCHETA)
Description: Amends the Public Health Service Act to increase the number of permanent faculty in palliative care at accredited allopathic and osteopathic medical schools, nursing schools, social work schools, and other programs, including physician assistant education programs, to promote education and research in palliative care and hospice, and to support the development of faculty careers in academic palliative medicine.
CCCC Position: Support

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