This collection of resources is designed for use by nursing homes and other stakeholders working to build a stronger, more consistent, person-centered advance care planning and palliative care program.

Thank you to the Alameda County POLST and Palliative Care Initiative for spearheading this work and providing input on this collection of materials and resurces.

State Guidance/Regulation

Guidance from CDPH to SNFs on importance of advance care planning and POLST during COVID-19

TAB 1| CARE Recommendations

Share with staff to help them understand how to implement palliative care and create a culture in which residents’ individual needs and preferences regarding end of life are known and honored.

TAB 2 | Curriculum

A one-hour slide-deck and script which can be used to train staff about advance care planning and POLST

Tab 3 | Advance Care Planning

Use wit hstaff or residents to answer common questions about advance directives.

Share brochure with residents and staff to help them understand the importance of ACP.

Share with residents who need assistance in identifying a health care agent or decisionmaker.

Share with residents and health care agents to help them understand this important role


Share with residents when discussing POLST. Helpful in answering common questions.

POLST is intended for use by patients who are seriously ill or within the last year of life. (See Appropriate POLST Form Uee Policy for details.)

Share with staff to help them understand the basics of POLST in the nursing home setting.

Use with staff to test their knowledge of POLST and address common misconceptions.

Share with staff who discuss POLST with residents to help them understand which patients are POLST appropriate, and which are not.

Use by administration as guideline to establish policies and procedures related to POLST.

Brochure which can be shared with patients and families to help introduce POLST.

TAB 5| Conversation Tools

Guidance to help residents and staff talk about advance care planning.

Easy-to-understand guides for use by providers in talking with consumers about CPR, Tube Feeding, Artificial Hydration and Ventilator Support.

For use by staff who are leading POLST conversations.

TAB 6 | Program Evaluation

Tools and resources for evaluating a facility’s POLST program and developing a quality assurance and performance improvement plan.

Checklist to help staff review ACP and POLST Efforts


Order form for several of the brochures and materials mentioned here.