Final Version of Community-Based Palliative Care Consensus Standards Available Now

The finalized version of the Community-Based Palliative Care Consensus Standards for California has recently been released by the California Advanced Illness Collaborative (CAIC). These Standards were developed by the CAIC to make high-quality palliative care available as a standard part of medical care for all Californians. Initiated and convened by Dr. Marcus Tygeson, MD, and […]

Using crowdfunding and telehealth to run a palliative care practice

Innovations in health technology are making it possible to provide health care for traditionally hard to reach populations. Learn how palliative care physician, Michael Fratkin, MD, used crowdfunding to launch a start-up medical practice, and is now using telehealth technology to reach patients in underserved and rural communities. Out of the Box: How Technology & […]

Webinar: Understanding the gaps in community-based palliative care

California is considered a leader in the development and provision of palliative care services across care settings – but we know even more patients could benefit from palliative care. To address this gap, we need to understand the current capacity for delivering community-based palliative care (CBPC) in the context of estimated need, and we need […]