It’s time to start talking

By Judy Thomas, JD, Executive Director @JudyThomasJD It’s time we all started talking about our wishes for end-of-life care. However, not everyone is as comfortable talking about death and dying as Joan Rivers was. We know how Joan Rivers felt because she talked about the importance of discussing these issues in a public service announcement. As […]

Thanks to Diana Dooley, California is ahead of the curve

By Judy Thomas, JD, Executive Director Coalition for Compassionate Care of California @JudyThomasJD Re-blogged from California Healthline in response to “Should palliative care be reformed?“ When it comes to public policy around end-of-life care, state and federal policymakers have been in very different places. At the federal level, good end-of-life care became associated with “death […]

L.A.-area healthcare providers to issue guidelines for end-of-life care (Los Angeles Times)

By Eryn Brown, Los Angeles Times Read the original article here. On Thursday, a coalition of Los Angeles-area healthcare providers — caring for millions of Angelenos among them — will endorse some groundbreaking guidelines designed to help patients … take more control over their final months, weeks and days. The hospitals will urge their doctors […]