CCCC Sponsors Bill to Advance Electronic POLST and POLST Registry

With the introduction of California Assembly Bill 1234, CCCC took an important step forward in our efforts to bring advance care planning into the electronic age and our longstanding efforts to make POLST information available to healthcare providers statewide. AB 1234 would: Enact the California POLST eRegistry Act, which would require the California Health and […]

IMPACT UPDATE | POLST Quality & Electronic Exchange

This blog post is part of a series designed to offer a deep dive into the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California‚Äôs (CCCC) work in 2020 and the direct impact this work is having in improving care for people who are seriously ill, as well as supporting and growing the movement to transform serious illness […]

POLST Registry Next Steps Survey | Topline Results

August 30, 2019 From 24/7 access to POLST to data available for research, POLST stakeholders see many potential benefits to the electronic exchange of POLST information in California, according to an August 2019 survey conducted by the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California (CCCC). However, stakeholders are equally mindful of the potential barriers which may […]