“Making the case” is a chore many clinical and administrative leaders need to undertake if they want to create, sustain or expand a palliative care service.

Stakeholders who would be expected to support or refer to a palliative care service need to understand deficits or improvement opportunities in existing care processes, how a palliative care service could help with those issues, and the probability that a palliative care service would be feasible and sustainable from a fiscal perspective.

Here are six resources you need to make the case for a palliative care program:

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CSU Institute for Palliative Care2. Creating Data-Driven Proposals and Presentations for Your Palliative Care Program, by CSU Institute for Palliative Care

Creating Data-driven Proposals and Presentations for Your Palliative Care Program will help you maximize the effectiveness of proposals and presentations that address creating, sustaining, expanding or improving palliative care programs. The course is built around two core concepts – first, “thinking backwards from the story you want to tell,” and second, maximizing your use of data-driven insights about the current and future states of healthcare in your institution or setting. Learn more.

3. BLOG POST: 20 Tips for Writing a Compelling Palliative Care Program Proposal by Kathleen Kerr and Brian Cassel

Gathering evidence and information to develop a persuading proposal can be time consuming. These 20 tips can be used to write a compelling proposal for creating or expanding a palliative care program. Read the blog post.

CSU Institute for Palliative Care4. Metrics and Measurement for Palliative Care, by CSU Institute for Palliative

Many palliative care programs and their organizations struggle to devise and implement a balanced measurement portfolio that demonstrates improved clinical and patient experience outcomes as well as reductions in cost. This course will help you to overcome the barriers to measurement in palliative care and achieve that balance. Learn more.

5. Palliative Care Measure Menu 

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6. Public Use Death Data File, from the State of California

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