Pediatric palliative care & advance care planning

As of October 2015, the Children’s Hospice and Palliative Care Coalition (CHPCC) is now a division of the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California. Through CHPCC, we’re leading the way in offering solutions that make a difference for seriously ill and dying children.

Pediatric Webinar Series

The 2018 Pediatric Webinar Series is presented in collaboration with the Pennsylvania’s Pediatric Palliative Care Coalition (PPCC) and Greater Illinois Pediatric Palliative Care Coalition (GIPPCC).

June 21: Approach to Neurologic Symptom Management in Children at End of Life
Presenter: Audrey Foster-Barber, MD, University of California San Francisco
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September 25: Transitioning Adolescents into Adult Care
Presenter: Parag Shah, MD, and Rebecca Boudos, Lurie Children’s Hospital

October 18: Medical Marijuana in Pediatric Palliative Care
Presenter: Elissa Miller, MD, DuPont Hospital for Children; Billie Winegard, MD, MPH, Children’s Hospital of Illinois, OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

Past Webinars

May 15, 2018: Concurrent Care: Pediatrics and complex care plans
Presenter: Shayna Stiles & Brandy O’Brien, NP, TrinityKids Care Team, California
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April 17, 2017: Perinatal Palliative Care
Presenter: David Munson, MD, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
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March 20, 2018: Kids Needs Care Too! Developing collaborations, competencies and confidence to care for kids
Presenters: Jody Chrastek, RN, & Diane Knust, LCSW, Fairview Home Care and Hospice, Minnesota
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February 20, 2018: Decision Making in Pediatric Palliative Care
Presenter: Scott Maurer, MD, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh
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January 23, 2018: Addressing the Spiritual Needs of Children
Presenters: Elisha Waldman, MD, Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
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October 2017: Little People, Big Pain: Overcoming Obstacles to Pain Management in Children
Presenter: Melissa Hunt, PharmD
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February 2016: Courageous Conversations: What Clinicians Need To Know About Palliative Care & Advance Care Planning For Children & Young Adults
Presenter: Claire Vesely, RN, BSN, CHPPN, Palliative Care Coordinator, UCSF Benoiff Children’s Hospital Oakland
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POLST for Pediatrics

Conversations about end-of-life care are never easy, especially when the care concerns a seriously ill child.

The Children’s Hospice & Palliative Care Coalition (CHPCC), together with the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California, developed a curriculum that teaches clinicians how to have sensitive, meaningful end-of-life care discussions with parents about their child.

Released in 2012, the curriculum guides doctors, nurses, and other providers in using a POLST (Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) form to record parents’ wishes for their child’s care in the final days of life.

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