How Your Organization Can Support National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD)

Originally posted on April 12, 2017

Many organizations should look to be involved in this year’s National Healthcare Decisions Day. From health systems to insurance companies, primary care physician groups to local coalitions, there are a number of us who work in this space. However, for many groups, time and bandwidth can be a barrier to feeling able to participate in the nation-wide event.

We’re here to help. Even if you can’t put on a fair or another huge event, or spend thousands of dollars on an ad campaign, there are ways for your group to be involved in NHDD. Here are a few ideas:
  • Spread the word to your network. From social media to email newsletters to mailing lists, we know you have contacts. Make sure everyone you’re in contact with knows about NHDD. Even more than just telling them about the day, be specific about the call to action — what do you want them to do about it? Have a conversation with their family? Put instructions down in writing? Complete an ACP document of some sort? Tell them!
  • Make sure everyone in your organization is well-informed about NHDD. Staff, volunteers, board of directors – everyone! Then, have them go back and do the first task on this list. Leverage the people you know who are already passionate about the topic. They’ll be your best ambassadors (without costing you any money!). You can even print out stickers for them to wear throughout the week. Here’s a template, compatible with Avery 5294 round labels.
  • Post signage or flyers in your waiting area or office. Just getting the word out about NHDD is a great place to start. The more people are familiar with the day and the concept, the more conversations will start taking place. No need to be fancy, and there are lots of resources to get you started on the NHDD website. Flyers could include talking points and questions that will help individuals get started thinking and sharing with their loved ones.
  • Offer resources. You don’t have to develop them yourself, either. Check the NHDD website, there’s a number of great resources to help individuals and organizations get involved. Many other organizations have resources, too, so chances are good you can find something useful and timely for your group to utilize with your audience.
NHDD happens next week, from April 16-22, so put your plan in place now! It won’t take long to skim through this list, and the list at, to decide how your organization can spread the word.

Good luck!