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Join the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California (CCCC) and be part of the statewide collaborative community of individuals and organizations promoting high-quality, compassionate care for all Californians who are seriously ill or approaching the end of life.

As a membership organization and with the support of our members, CCCC does critical work with a systems-change approach. CCCC promotes and enhances the quality of POLST, advance care planning, care coordination, and transition processes through continuous and ongoing education and training of healthcare professionals, consistent messaging, community education and outreach, and adherence to quality standards and assurance activities. 

With the support of our members, we engage by influencing public policy, organizational standards, professional skills, and public awareness. CCCC’s expertise lies in convening and working with a wide range of stakeholders so we can work together to create a system that works for everyone. CCCC also creates materials, curricula, and resources that provide neutral information for those experiencing serious illness or reaching the end of their lives. CCCC has individuals, organizations, and Sustaining Supporters as members. 

As an individual member, organization member, or Sustaining Supporter, expand your expertise with online and in-person trainings on important topics related to advance care planning and palliative care (with discounts on all trainings and for our Annual Summit), connect with your peers and a network of professionals dedicated to compassionate care, and stay current on relevant policies and legislation that impact your organization. 

Membership is open to individuals and organizations dedicated to advance care planning and quality palliative care.




Please Note: The Coalition for Compassionate Care California (CCCC) is engaging with the California Health and Human Services Agency, Office of Systems Integration, to provide subject-matter expertise to assist the State with research and planning for the implementation of a statewide electronic POLST (ePOLST) Registry. 
 Potential solution providers who may wish to bid on future procurements related to the ePOLST Registry Project should be aware of California’s conflict of interest laws, which include, but are not limited to, the Political Reform Act (Government Code section 81000, et. seq.); Government Code section 1090, et. seq.; Government Code section 87400, et. seq.; and Public Contract Code section 10365.5. Potential solution providers should consult with their legal counsel to determine the applicability of these laws and provisions and potential conflicts that could disqualify them from State procurement opportunities.