Master Plan For Aging | CCCC Submits Palliative Care Recommendations

Originally posted on July 30, 2020

Working with palliative leaders in California, CCCC has crafted a set of Recommendations for Palliative Care and Advance Care Planning to be integrated into the State’s Master Plan for Aging (MPA), which will serve as a blueprint for state and local government, private sector, and philanthropy as they work together in the coming years to promote the health and well-being of California’s older adults and adults with disabilities. 

As a member of the MPA Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC), and the subgroups on healthy aging, workforce, and healthcare integration, CCCC’s CEO, Judy Thomas, JD, has been focused on ensuring that the needs of those with serious illness are fully represented in the Master Plan recommendations.

“The Master Plan for Aging provides an important opportunity for us to collectively rethink how California cares for those with serious illness, and how we can take concrete steps to expand access to palliative care and promote advance care within our healthcare system and communities,” said Judy Thomas.

CCCC’s recommendations were shared earlier this week with the full MPA SAC as they work toward collecting and consolidating public comment and policy recommendations.  The SAC is scheduled to issue a formal set of recommendations to the Administration in October 2020 and the Master Plan will be released in December 2020.