White Paper: Snapshots of Palliative Care Practices Highlights Factors that Facilitate or Impede Success in Palliative Care

Originally posted on July 6, 2015

Snapshots of Palliative Care Practices was compiled as part of a session on palliative care capacity, need, and resources at the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California Annual Summit in April 2015.

White paper authors Kathleen Kerr and Kate Meyers, MPP, asked attendees to share examples of their approaches to working with patients, working with providers, and measuring the impact of their services, and then encouraged participants to share brief written descriptions of approaches that were working well and practices that had failed. These descriptions were collated and synthesized into Snapshots of Palliative Care Practices.

Download: Snapshots of Palliative Care Practices (PDF)

The information provided by attendees included both specific practices and general observations about variables that can facilitate or impede success. These practices and reflections span the continuum of palliative care settings, from inpatient to community-based to hospice services.