End of Life Option Act Conversation Training

California End Of Life Option Act:
Key Concepts And Critical Conversation Skills For Providers

California’s End of Life Option Act went into effect June 9, 2016.

In this interactive workshop, you will review key aspects of the law and learn how it could impact providers and organizations. You will also have the opportunity to practice conversation skills for engaging patients to explore and discuss their end-of-life concerns and preferences.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss key aspects of the End of Life Option Act, including patient eligibility and required provider actions.
  • Describe how ethical considerations impact personal and organizational participation.
  • List three important things to consider when patients ask about their dying process.
  • Implement conversation skills to help patients discuss end of life.
  • Apply cultural congruency theory to care conversations in the setting of serious illness.
  • Discuss how conversations on end-of-life care fit into the continuum of advance care planning.
  • Bill for advance care planning conversations under new Medicare CPT codes.

The Coalition for Compassionate Care of California does not take a position on the End of Life Option Act. We are a source of factual information on the provisions of the law, some “best practice” recommendations, and links to other helpful resources.

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