Faith Leader Toolkits

Seminars on End-of-Life Care for Faith Leaders 

With the support of the Archstone Foundation, the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California (CCCC) developed these toolkits to help local end-of-life and POLST coalitions connect with faith leaders in their communities and provide the information and skills to help them support congregation members who are seriously ill, and their families and loved ones.

In 2002, the Center for Healthcare Decisions (CHD) developed the original Partners in Caring seminar for faith leaders in the Sacramento region. With help from CHD, CCCC has developed a model curriculum for the seminar and worked with five local coalitions to pilot it in their communities. Based on their feedback, CCCC put together these toolkits mapping out how a local coalition can host successful seminars – from the initial planning phase, to outreach, to program content and evaluation.

How to Use the Toolkits

The toolkits contain step-by-step information for local coalitions on planning and publicizing a faith leader seminar, a sample agenda, model presentations and readings, and suggested content for a resource binder. The toolkits are based on CHD’s years of experience hosting these seminars as well as feedback from the local coalitions that piloted the curriculum.


Partners in Caring

Partnering With Palliative And Hospice Care Teams

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