VIDEO: Medical Decision-Making for Unrepresented Patients

VIDEO: Medical Decision-Making for Unrepresented Patients
Webinar Recording: Medical Decision-Making for Incapacitated and Unrepresented Patients

Karl Steinberg, MD, CMD, HEC-C
Stone Mountain Medical Associates, Inc.

Chris Wilson, RN, JD, MS, HEC-C
Community Health Care Ethics

Lynette Cederquist, MD
UC San Diego Health System

This webinar examines the complex bioethical and legal issues around medical decision-making in the incapacitated unrepresented person in the acute care hospital and skilled nursing facility settings, through a lens of current California practices and regulations. After a lengthy legal battle, Health & Safety Code 1418.8 (Epple) has been found constitutional, and the California Department of Aging is implementing a new Office of the Long-Term Care Patient Representative to help ensure a fair process for nursing home residents that does not require court intervention. Panelists are experienced bioethicists and clinicians with insights into the interdisciplinary team and bioethics committee processes through which important medical decisions are arrived at.
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