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CCCC hosts one-hour professional development webinars to provide education on unique aspects of advance care planning, palliative care, POLST, and more topics related to serious illness. Webinars are designed specifically for healthcare professionals, but all are welcome to attend.

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VIDEO: Medical Decision-Making for Unrepresented Patients
Webinar Recording: Medical Decision-Making for Incapacitated and Unrepresented Patients

Karl Steinberg, MD, CMD, HEC-C
Stone Mountain Medical Associates, Inc.

Chris Wilson, RN, JD, MS, HEC-C
Community Health Care Ethics

Lynette Cederquist, MD
UC San Diego Health System

This webinar examines the complex bioethical and legal issues around medical decision-making in the incapacitated unrepresented... Details
VIDEO: Building Resilience in Ourselves and Our Teams
Webinar Recording - Building Resilience in Ourselves and Our Teams

Allison Kestenbaum
Supervisor of Spiritual Care and Clinical Pastoral Education, UC San Diego Health

This webinar will support participants in reconnecting to meaning and purpose in their work. The webinar provides opportunities to practice resilience techniques while making the most of support from co-workers and leaders. Wellness and debriefing resources in the hospice... Details
VIDEO: Trust as a Key to Reducing Health Disparities
Webinar Recording - Trust as a Key to Reducing Health Disparities

Greg Hall, MD
Associate Professor, Northeast Ohio Medical University
Medical Director & CEO, VitaCode, LLC; Director, National Institute for African American Health

In this webinar, Dr. Hall guides us to better understanding of the historical perspective and current needs of our communities of color.
VIDEO: Cannabis Use for Palliative Care
Webinar Recording - Cannabis Use for Palliative Care

Eloise Theisen, AGPCNP-BC
Chief Executive Officer, Radicle Health Care

In this webinar, Eloise Thiesen will discuss cannabis research and applications for symptom management for hospice and palliative care. Topics will include cannabinoids, routes of administration, clinical applications, and potential drug-drug interactions. Special focus will be placed on symptom management such as... Details
VIDEO: No One Should Die Alone on the Streets
Webinar Recording: No One Should Die Alone on the Streets

Marlene von Friederichs-Fitzwater, MA, PhD, MPH
Founder and Director, Joshua House

This webinar explains how men and women become homeless and the impact of homelessness on their overall health and well-being. It also will explore the needs, concerns, and wishes of those who are homeless and terminally ill, and how Joshua's House Hospice will address those needs and concerns in a... Details
VIDEO: Promoting Healthy and Resilient Teams
Webinar Recording: Promoting Healthy and Resilient Teams

Carla Cheatham, MDiv, PhD
Principal and Lead Trainer, Carla Cheatham Consulting Group, LLC, Section Leader for NHPCO's Spiritual Caregiver Section

The uncertain financial and regulatory climate healthcare agencies are currently facing can make our already stressful jobs that much more challenging. This webinar reviews what resilience can teach us about thriving, rather than simply ... Details
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Webinar Recording: End of Life Option Act: Learnings from California's Experience

Barbara Koenig, PhD, University of California, San Francisco
Neil Wenger, MD, MPH, University of California, Los Angeles
Judy Thomas, JD, Coalition for Compassionate Care of California
Cindy Cain, PhD, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Helene Stark, PhD, University of Washington

This webinar reviews the data collected to date regarding... Details
VIDEO: What is Quality Spiritual Care and How Do You Measure
Webinar Recording: What is Quality Spiritual Care and How Do You Measure It?

Rev. George Handzo, BCC, CSSBB
Director, Health Services Research & Quality, HealthCare Chaplaincy Network: Caring For The Human Spirit

In the movement of health care from quantity to quality, spiritual care has lagged in establishing its value proposition. The common wisdom is that evidence for this domain of care does not exist. Consequently, the integration... Details
VIDEO: Communications Skills to Support Quality Palliative..
Webinar Recording: Communication Skills to Support Quality Palliative Care in Serious Illness

Betty Ferrell, PhD, FPCN, FAAN
Principal Investigator, ICC
Director and Professor
Division of Nursing Research & Education, City of Hope

Communication is fundamental to all aspects of palliative care. It’s critical in all of health care, but especially significant for those working in palliative and end-of-life care. Communication is ... Details
VIDEO: Facilitating Culturally Sensitive Conversations
Webinar Recording - ¡Vamos Hablar con la Verdad! - Facilitating Culturally Sensitive Conversations about Illness and Death in a Latino Population

Enedina (Nina) Enriquez, DSW, LCSW-S
Clinical Associate Professor, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, School of Social Work

In the Latino culture it is often taboo to talk about sex, suicide, and death. A high percentage of Latinos practice Christianity and their level of faith often... Details
VIDEO: Caregiver Support: A Vital Component of Pall Care
Webinar Recording - Caregiver Support: A Vital Component of Palliative Care

Teressa "TV" Vaughn, MPT, MHA
Advance Care Planning Consultant, Sharp HealthCare

Caroline Etland, PhD
Associate Faculty, University of San Diego

In this webinar, we will present a case-based approach to provide you with a framework for thinking about caregiver support along with practical resources and tools for incorporating caregiver support ... Details
VIDEO: Moral Injury & Resilience During COVID
Webinar Recording: Moral Injury & Resilience During COVID: Why Words Matter

Elizabeth Holman, PsyD
Moral Injury of Healthcare

The stress and moral suffering of the COVID pandemic has created a concurrent crisis in the mental health of healthcare professionals. Join us for a presentation from Elizabeth Holman, PsyD, on how to address this crisis and what tools individuals can use to mitigate moral distress and find resilience. In this... Details
VIDEO: Recognizing and Responding to Mental Health Issues...
Webinar Recording: Recognizing and Responding to Mental Health Issues in Palliative Care Practice

Nathan Fairman, MD, MPH
Health Sciences Clinical Professor, UC Davis School of Medicine

Roughly one in five Americans is living with mental illness. For patients with serious medical disease, comorbid symptoms of mental illness can often amplify distress, complicate disease management, and intensify the challenges of caregiving. As a... Details
VIDEO: Caring and Commemoration
Webinar Recording: Caring and Commemoration: Creative Models for the Dying in the Face of COVID

Liz Mackenzie, MA, MSW, BCC
Chaplain, Sharp HealthCare

Erin Collins, BSN, RN, CHPN
End-of-Life Doula

In this webinar, hear from Liz Mackenzie, a chaplain at Sharp Memorial Hospital, and Erin Collins, a palliative care nurse, end-of-life doula, and founder of Peaceful Presence Project.
They will share their experiences ... Details
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Webinar Recording: California End of Life Option Act: An Overview of the Law and Approaches to Communicating About Treatment Choices in the Setting of Life-Limiting Illness

Lael C. Duncan, MD
Medical Director of Consulting Services, Coalition for Compassionate Care

Lisa Matsubara, JD
Legal Counsel, Center for Legal Affairs, California Medical Association

Shirley Otis-Green, MSW, ACSW, LCSW, OSW-C
Clinical... Details
VIDEO: Opioids for Chronic Pain Management
Webinar Recording: Opioids for Chronic Pain Management: A Double-Edged Sword for Patients and Their Clinicians

Danny van Leeuwen, Opa, RN, MPH
Health Hats

In this webinar, we will hear from an engaged patient advocate as he shares his experiences navigating through the health care system, his advice and recommendations on how to build a trusting relationship with your provider, and how technology can assist in encouraging conversation... Details
VIDEO: Understanding the African-American Experience
Webinar Recording: Understanding the African-American Experience and its Impact on Serious Illness

Marilyn Ababio, BA, MPA
Founder, Comfort Homesake

Ali Sharif
Product Director, TuneCore

This webinar helps explore authenticity and its role in reducing health inequities for people of color experiencing a serious illness. We will listen to the "Conversation" African Americans have been having with America through music... Details
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Webinar - Palliative Care Education Opportunities in California

Jennifer Moore Ballentine, MA, Chief Executive Officer, Coalition for Compassionate Care of California

DorAnne Donesky, PhD, ANP-BC, ACHPN, Professor Emerita, UCSF School of Nursing
Betty Ferrell, PhD, MSN, CHPN, Director of Nursing Research & Education, City of Hope
Sharon Hamill, PhD, Interim Executive Director, CSU Shiley Haynes Institute for... Details
VIDEO: Palliative Care and Age-Friendly Health Systems
Webinar Recording: Palliative Care and Age-Friendly Health Systems: Why "What Matters" Matters

Amy Berman, RN, LHD, FAAN
Senior Program Officer, The John A. Hartford Foundation

Amy Berman shares her story about living well for nearly 10 years with stage IV cancer as an example of why “What Matters” really matters. What Matters also frames a new national movement around the care of older adults. Dr. Berman will offer a briefing on... Details
VIDEO: The Palliative Care Movement in California
Webinar Recording: The Palliative Care Movement in California: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Judy Thomas, JD
CEO, Coalition for Compassionate Care of California

Judy Thomas provides updates on palliative care and public policy in California as well as POLST registry activities; the Governor's Master Plan for Aging as it relates to palliative care; updates on the transition of pediatric palliative care; and how CCCC is evolving to better... Details
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Webinar Recording: 7 Years and a Bit of MAiD: What we know, don't know, and would like to know about California's End of Life Option Act

Jennifer Moore Ballentine, MA
CEO, Coalition for Compassionate Care of California

Neil Wenger, MD, MPH
Professor, Division of General Internal Medicine and Health Services Research, UCLA

California’s End of Life Option Act went into effect in June of 2016. Amendments to the Act were... Details
VIDEO: Unbefriended and Unrepresented: Medical Decision...
Webinar Recording: Unbefriended and Unrepresented: Medical Decisionmaking for the Incapacitated and Alone

Eric Widera, MD
Professor of Clinical Medicine, Division of Geriatrics, UCSF

Timothy Farrell, MD, AGSF
Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Utah School of Medicine

Anna Chodos, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine, Zuckerberg San Francisco General... Details
VIDEO: Why the Right Words Matter When Talking about ...
Webinar Recording - Why the Right Words Matter When Talking About Serious Illness Care

Anna Gosline
Executive Director, Massachusetts Coalition for Serious Illness Care
Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

When asked, most people say that conversations about their quality of life and what care they might want if they become seriously ill are important. Yet, few people have actually had... Details
VIDEO: The Turbulent Landscape of End-of-Life Ethics in CA
Webinar Recording: The Turbulent Landscape of End-of-Life Ethics in California

Bruce Jennings, MA
Adjunct Professor, Dept of Health Policy and the Center for Biomedical Ethics and Society, Vanderbilt University

Craig Dresang, MA
Chief Executive Officer, YoloCares

Paula Goodman-Crews, MSW, LCSW
Director, Bioethics Program, Kaiser Permanente Southern California

Pramita Kuruvilla,... Details
VIDEO: Can We Still Have a Child After You're Gone?
Webinar Recording - "Can We Still Have a Child After You're Gone?" Navigating the Challenges of Reproductive Planning with Terminally Ill Patients

Joanna Sharpless, MD
Assistant Professor, Division of Palliative Medicine
University of California, San Francisco

Among the many disruptive effects of a terminal cancer diagnosis in young people is its ability to affect reproductive planning and the opportunity for parenthood. While some... Details