Palliative Care Tools and Resources

A collection of useful palliative care-related tools and resources for healthcare providers and consumers.

Consumer Resources

Valuable resources from the Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC), including a directory to palliative care providers.

Clinical Guidelines for Quality Palliative Care

The updated version of the National Consensus Project's Clinical Practice Guidelines for Quality Palliative Care. This 4th edition was coordinated by the National Coalition for Hospice and Palliative care with input from a wide variety of stakeholders, including the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California.

Introducing Palliative Care Video Series

This video series and supporting materials were developed to help case managers and clinicians become more comfortable with describing palliative care services, or respond to common questions or concerns about palliative care, when offering it to their members or patients living with serious illness.

Using Between-Patient Comparisons to Quantify Outcomes 

This brief guide summarizes several of the key decision points and choices for health plans that wish to quantify program impact by comparing outcomes for members who received palliative care to outcomes for members who did not receive palliative care. 

Universal Referral Form

This form was developed to provide a standard referral form for plans to use when referring new patients to their palliative care providers.

Medi-Cal Palliative Care Learning Community

The Medi-Cal Palliative Care Managed Care Plan (MCP) Learning Community was a project funded by the California Health Care Foundation. Below is a collection of useful tools and resources that were developed to assist managed care plans and providers working with patients who would benefit from receiving palliative care services. While these tools were initially developed for the MCP Learning Community, many of them can support all health plan case managers and providers who work with seriously ill members and patients who would benefit from receiving palliative care, regardless of payer. 


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